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About the Prints

A Painting" refers to the original work. There's only one "original" and in my case, the paintings are usually oil on canvas or other permanent surface. They are created over a period of time, and when finished, and completely dry, they are varnished and taken to galleries for sale. The prices of Hisel originals vary from $350 for a small quick sketch to $10,000 for an original oil painting on a 60" X 70" canvas. Prices depend on size and medium, meaning oil, watercolor, acrylic etc.

"A Print" or "Reproduction" means one of multiple copies of an original. There are many ways to reproduce copies of original work, for example, you may see Giclees, lithographs, and screen prints in framing galleries. "Fine Art Prints" are usually signed by the artist, and numbered according to how many copies of the art will be made. For instance, 124/300 beside or below the artist's signature means that three hundred reproductions are being sold, and you have the 124th print. By signing it, the artist approves the quality of the print. There are many people who collect art prints.

Of the many processes available, Carolyn has chosen to represent her work with "Chromogenic Prints", which is a photographic process from digital images. They are printed on Fuji Crystal Chromogenic paper and the emulsion becomes one with the paper surface, unlike the ink-jet process used in Giclee printing in which the inks are laid on the surface of the paper.

Carolyn's original work relies on thin oil glazes for its luminosity and color, and the Chromogenic process best reproduces the depth of color, and sense of rich light. We are using a well-known Fine Art Printer, the Ken Lieberman Laboratory in New York City to produce these prints for us, and the actual prints are exponentially superior to the image on the computer screen. If you like what you see here, we are certain you will love the print when it comes.

Your purchase will be individually signed by the artist and numbered. Each in-stock print will be offered in editions of ninety. Prints in custom sizes will typically be one of one.

We guarantee your satisfaction of course, and should it disappoint in any way, please return for full refund.

We recommend that the print be handled with the same care as any original art, and that it not be exposed to prolonged sunlight, or extremes of heat and humidity. We also suggest it be stored in the box until taken to the framer.

Most of the painting reproductions you see here may be custom printed in any size you need, up to and including 48" X 72". Prices upon request.